A downloadable game for Windows

TVHell. You were watching a show on the TV & then you get sucked in dodging projectiles which makes no sense @ all.

Art & Programming by SkyanSam

Music by Vitrolla

SFX by Greenjah & Thrilmur.

All assets based on Sword Art Online. We we're going to add shows and more stuff but there was no time :(

Developer's Note:
This game was a failure because of bad time management. We were originally going to submit for the Weekly Game Jam 82 but we started late delaying the whole entire thing. I thought I may as we'll submit. We didn't even finish integrating sfx. Sigh. I was even overworking myself. We were even going to work on TVHELL and submit another game for Weekly Game Jam 83. That didn't work out well. Hehe. I wanted a cool little fun game where you we're dodging bullets by TV shows controlled by a madman, but that didn't work out. Maybe I can make a rebirth of this some day. I'm not expecting a prize or everything but that's just what I wanted to say. This game isn't great and it's just another lesson for me so I can do better next time. I did learn a lot though.


build1.zip 23 MB

Development log


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Updated to v2. https://skyansam.itch.io/tvhell-v2

Watch TV Game Jam feedback | !submit !queue from MrJoshuaMcLean on www.twitch.tv

haha sorry about that. Yep its very incomplete. 

The spacebar was going to be a button to block attacks but there was going to be a cooldown. It's pretty broken obviously.