A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Its 2121, and global warming is getting really bad. It's extremely hot and it always feels like a heatwave. The majority of the population either uploaded their consciousness on satellite computers orbiting the Earth or traveled far out to Mars to start a new life. You are stranded here, dealing with the consequences of the human race. What will you do next? (Note: this game is best suited for 16:9 aspect ratio)


Environment and Themes

Heatwave - Its literally global warming heating the planet.

Juxtaposition - I put ice in a hot landscape. Couldn't get it to work right but why not.

Summer Job & Letter J - There's a guy named Josh struggling for cash running a summer job


Developer Note / Reflection:

This game had a very bad start I was working with a partner but they chipped out. The game was obviously rushed but what do you expect from a game jam game. They are always rushed. I really overworked myself at the end. I will release a little update to patch things up that we're unfinished but here you go for now. Also, I would love to thank my lovely sister and anyone that tested the game.


How to play:

wasd or arrow keys to move, up or space to jump.

Also collect newspapers. And the scrapbook / newspaper collecting wasn't finished in the UI. And watch out for your canteen make sure it doesn't go down else game over. That's about it have fun.



If you want to play the newer updated version with fixed hit boxes and jump download 07-23-19 for Win and Mac. If you want to play the old jam version download 07-05-19 for Win and Mac. I would fix more but I want to turn this into a complete game and scrap the current level in favor of more smaller levels. You can check out the latest devlog for more info.

Install instructions

Looking for instructions. Ah Its easy just install unzip and play. Hopefully the mac version is working properly. If you dont have a zip unpacker 7-Zip may be needed.


gwhof2121-7-07-19-Win.zip 32 MB
gwhof2121-7-07-19.app.zip 44 MB
gwhof2121-7-23-19-Mac.app.zip 44 MB
gwhof2121-7-23-19-Win-64bit.zip 32 MB

Development log


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Im too tired to make a webgl build..... Its midnight

I really overworked myself TIRED AS F

Also fixed jump issue. (I think)

SkyanSam what platform is this one for?

Right now its for Windows. However once the June / July Jackpot Jam is done I'll make a webgl build. Webgl is hard on my cpu. Also I'll do the TVHELL Update after this jam and it will be ready by the time Fragment Jam ends.

cool man

Just did a test build for mac. If you want you can test it.