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i can not beat level 5 help plz

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The idea is fun, but, well... the gameplay is a bit empty (imo).

Nice game! :)

Oof. The gameplay is empty as in it's too easy? I was experimenting with the difficulty curve a lot. I don't think I should make it harder because some players did have problems or weren't as experienced with bullet hell / shooter games. How should I make the gameplay less empty?

idk.. it was just my first impression of the game!

Still fun it is... but it's a bit repetitive... like you die, and then you start again with some white boxes and red rectangles...

I don't really know what i mean by "empty", but that was the word i feeled like when i played your game.

But i still enjoyed your game :D

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Ah, there are other enemies later in the game other than the red triangles, but I guess I do need to work on pacing. I didn't introduce the other enemies earlier because I didn't want to throw too much at the player at once.


Well.. i haven't got far in the game... i am really bad in these kind of games :P

I cannot move. Neither arrow keys and wasd are working when using a mouse. With touchpad its difficult to control.

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That's weird.. So the game chooses only keyboard or only mouse? Oof.. In the future I'll add an option to move with WASD, and shoot with arrow keys.

how does the game relate to the restriction?

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Sorry I need to update the page to explain how the game relates to the restriction. Will do in a sec :)

ohh now I understand other then that the game was amazing would recomend

Thanks! :)

fun shooter cool idea

Thanks! :)